Earlier my boyfriend was comparing him missing a baseball game that’s on today to me missing a beloved TV show episode, and, to awaken my sympathies, he said, “It’d be like if you missed the episode of Reign where … where Bash made out with the queen.”

I don’t know how the Basherine agenda got to him, but CLEARLY IT HAS.

Felix ♥ Clones


How the world sees America.

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower


This made me laugh so hard!

We didn’t make it that way. It just is.

And the struggle goes on


ok in order to the new reign’s spoilers, i felt like i needed to write this.

honestly i’ll never understand why the hell they’re putting greer in a fucking love triangle. this show can’t have any healthy relationships for god’s sake? sure, castleroy is older, but this was normal thing in that period of time. beyond that, he is a mature, caring and charming guy. never being selfish about his feelings. always caring about greer’s opinions and about her beloved ones. i’d love a little of historical culture accuracy and this couple could give to us that. and see her learning to really love him without notice it would be so sweet. wouldn’t it?

i used to cheer for leith but the last couple episodes showed him in a very dark light. put her again in his arms after all his words and actions just because he’s hot is so predictable and boring.