merlin, reaching new heights of feminist glory! — thanks, season 5!

Episode 1: Morgana has flashbacks to being tortured; Aithusa was also tortured; Sefa is sentenced to death

Episode 2: Morgana gets stabbed and is last seen staggering, gravely injured, through an icy wasteland

Episode 3: The witch woman is nearly burned at the stake, then dies; Gwen gets only one spoken line, then gets beat up by inanimate objects for like ten minutes and presumably spends the rest of the episode unconscious (while her husband friendly-slaps his servant boy, as this is clearly far more important than having any sort of ‘let’s check in to see how Gwen’s doing!’ scene)

Episode 4: Mithian is attacked; Morgana gets slammed violently against a wall

And to think we’re only 3 weeks in! What delightful adventures do you have in store for our women next, series five??


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    Lol, guess who’s not tuning in next week?
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    Yeah my issue is this: I’m not against women ever getting into dangerous or violent situation in media/fiction ever....
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    But there’s actually women in these episodes! And they actually talk to each other! It’s really, really sad that that’s...
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