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Rory/Paris! (which, btw, I read your fic on them last night, the one where they have to fake being in a relationship for a reality show, and it's the most beautiful thing ever)

Aw, thank you! :D I love writing that story and I hope to have a new chapter out soon! (Or at least soonish.)

when or if I started shipping it: I’m not exactly sure when! I think it was a handful of years ago when I did a big GG rewatch with my roommate, and we decided immediately in season one that Paris was clearly crazy (if obliviously) in love with Rory. It is an interpretation of the show that holds up remarkably well throughout. But especially in season one. OH MAN, PARIS. Who taunts their enemy by leaning down close next to them and reciting the entirety of Sonnet 116 in low, intense tones??? giiiiiiirl.

my thoughts: I just love them together so much! They’re hilarious, and they give Rory the opportunity to get her snark on and be challenged in a very satisfying way, and I must refer you to Boston Marriagethe Rory/Paris fanfic, because it just sums up so perfectly why I love them together so much.

What makes me happy about them: ALL THE THINGS! Especially their awkward moments where they realize they’re friends, because they always seem so darn sweet on each other. Remember when they went to the concert and it was the best night Paris had ever had?? Remember them being in the bizarro friends-ish realm? SIGH!

What makes me sad about them: Sometimes I think of what the show might have been like if Paris was the Luke to Rory’s Lorelai, and it makes me wistful. JUST IMAGINE IT. A world without Logan! Or at least a world where Logan is the Christopher.

things done in art/fic that annoys me: I haven’t actually seen/read enough to say!

things I look for in art/fic: BANTER.

Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: I enjoy Doyle and Paris together, and I’ve always had a soft spot for Rory/Jess.

My happily ever after for them: The Best of It kinda tells that tale! (And would all the way if I could actually find consistent enough inspiration to, ya know, write more.) Basically, eventually having an awkward realization that they are soulmates. :D

what is their favorite non-sexual activity?: Having heated, energetic discussions about current events and literature and pop culture and cereal. Cereal rocks.


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